As parents of 3 young children without a predictable schedule, Absolutely Fit has been our solution to ensuring work out’s make their way into our weekly routine. Matt, Andy and the rest of the Abfit Team provide a level of professionalism that cannot be matched.  John and I are consistently challenged by the personalized training programs that have ranged from special conditioning for ski season, biking or marathon training  to pregnancy and post pregnancy workout plans. We view Absolutely Fit as an investment into our future not only for ourselves but for our family.

— K.M., age 37, mother of 3

Next week I expect to "celebrate" my 500th visit to Absolutely Fit (AF). I started going to AF six years ago shortly after my wife died very  suddenly.  People ask me, What do you do there?"

My response: "what ever the trainer tells me". Some times it's strengthening, sometimes balance, sometimes agility, sometimes cardiovascular and so forth. I have yet to look forward to an AF session, BUT NEVER finish an hour session without a good feeling of physical accomplishment. Andy, Matt, and the other trainers (Mike, John, and Amber) are very knowledgeable and caring when it comes to individual limitations. I often ask myself how I would be physically if it were not for AF? AF is the best medical investment I could have possibly made. Preventive medicine at its best!  

— B.R., male, age 72

I can't sing praises long or loud enough for the trainers at A. Fit. I entered their program a year ago with a new hip replacement and a broken leg. A program was immediately set up to help me regain my strength. With time, my program became more challenging and demanding. Consequently, I have seen growth and development in my balance, overall strength and agility. Most of all it is fun going to exercise at Absolutely Fit.

— A.D., female, age 70